The Bainbridge Law Firm, L.L.C., based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides quality legal services to clients throughout the state in the areas of real estate law, homeowner association (HOA) law, construction law, business law, nonprofit law and litigation. Mr. Bainbridge works tirelessly on his clients’ behalf to reach a favorable outcome in every case.

Our firm is proud of our reputation for providing personalized attention to clients and always being available for them. We keep our clients informed of the progress in their cases at each juncture, and respond promptly to their phone calls and emails. We believe that open, honest communication is the foundation of a productive attorney-client relationship.

Focused Upon Achieving Results

The majority of our practice is dedicated to representing clients in real estate disputes, HOA, business and construction law matters. We represent homeowners, commercial property owners, contractors and other professionals. Our experience handling these cases from both sides allows us to work more efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

We also provide comprehensive legal services for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. We help businesses with all types of issues, from contract disputes and agreements to business litigation. Our nonprofit organization clients rely on us for help with board governance, disputes, government matters and other issues.

Set Up A Consultation To Discuss Your Legal Matter

Practicing out of Phoenix, Arizona, you can contact our office by calling 602-902-1930 to discuss your case. It is our practice to help you understand all of the legal issues, examine applicable documents, and provide you an understanding regarding what we can do to help.

To review your legal documentation in detail and provide you with a legal analysis of your matter, we charge $245 for an initial consultation with a lawyer.