Construction Law

Can a contractor back out of a project due to bad estimates?

One of the risks of filling out a project contract with a client is that the company will commit to a price and then their costs will change. Most businesses protect themselves when quoting project prices by putting a specific time limit on the quote.

3 construction disputes that could force a homeowner to sue

Conflicts with contractors can cause major headaches. Sometimes, the issues are actually minor disputes that wouldn’t justify taking legal action. A homeowner angry because workers muddied their kitchen floors probably can’t sue over an issue easily remedied with a little cleaning.

3 common construction issues to watch out for

It’s expensive to complete repairs on a home, so you want to make sure they’re done right. If you start seeing problems when the construction team is working, say something. This is your home and your money, so you should be in charge of the project.

Handling construction defects as a frustrated homeowner

When you hire a construction team to work on your home, one of the risks is that a construction defect may occur. Defects can happen for a few reasons. The first may be because the team is not skilled and makes mistakes with the project’s design or with general workmanship.

When a contractor’s time or cost estimates are wildly off

When it turns out that the estimate was too low, the change in cost could leave you scrambling to adjust your budget to cover those unexpected additional expenses. What rights do you have when the contractor or construction company gave you a highly inaccurate estimate?