How can you prove you paid HOA fees?

For some homeowners, misapplied HOA fees lead to them being accused of missing payments. This is a serious matter that you must fight if you know that you paid fees to the HOA even though you’ve been told that you have not. Avoiding the issue won’t make it go away, so you’ll have to find a way to prove that you paid what you were required to.

What should you do if your HOA denies your project?

Most HOAs have an application that you have to fill out if you want approval for a project. It can take a while, sometimes 60 days, to get approval. You should start the approval process as quickly as you can so your project won’t be on hold if they take a while to approve it.

Is your HOA failing to have open meetings?

Your HOA should do its best to preserve the property values within the community and enforce the existing rules for the benefit of everyone who lives there.

The 5 most common HOA disputes

In most cases, there will be an opportunity to negotiate any kind of issue that arises in your HOA. You will be able to meet with the board, for example, and present your side of an argument. An HOA is supposed to be neutral, so it should listen to what you have to say and determine if there is reason to make an exception for certain actions or if certain remedies will be enough.

These rules are unenforceable, even if your HOA has them

There is a reason why some people vow never to live where there is an HOA, and that’s because board members could potentially go off on a so-called “power trip” and make restrictions that others feel are unfair or unreasonable.