Providing Powerful Representation In Property Disclosure Disputes

When you buy an existing home or commercial property, the seller and his or her agent are required by law to disclose any known latent defects in the property. If there is any failure to disclose defects in the property, the buyer can file a lawsuit for the damage caused by nondisclosure.

These cases can become complex, and you should consult an experienced real estate attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. The Bainbridge Law Firm, L.L.C., based in Phoenix, Arizona, has worked with many clients across the state to resolve all kinds of disclosure disputes.

Fighting To Protect Your Interests

We have extensive experience in real estate matters and know what it takes to be successful in these cases. We represent buyers, sellers and agents on either side of the argument. Our experience on both sides of these cases allows us to work efficiently and proactively on your behalf.

The Experience And Knowledge To Represent You

Whether you are a buyer needing to file suit against a seller or agent, or you are a seller or seller’s agent needing defense representation, we have the experience and the knowledge to handle your disclosure dispute. Our service as an Arizona real estate disclosure law firm is tireless in reaching a positive outcome in your case.

An Attorney Fighting For You

To contact our law office and discuss your dispute with an experienced lawyer, call 602-902-1930. We help you understand the legal issues, and will discuss the significance of any documentation.

For an analysis of your case and a review of your documentation, we charge $245 regarding such a consultation.