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A quiet title lawsuit is filed when a property owner seeks to confirm ownership of or title to a piece of property when there may be other parties claiming ownership. These lawsuits can be filed proactively by a landowner if there is a possibility of other ownership claims, or in response to a claim from another person.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Bainbridge Law Firm, L.L.C., has helped many clients throughout the state settle quiet title lawsuits. We have extensive experience in Arizona quiet title and real estate actions and work diligently to protect our clients’ interests. Whether you need representation as the landowner filing the lawsuit or you are a person with an ownership claim, we will do everything to obtain a positive result in your property ownership dispute.

The Reasons For Quiet Title Lawsuits

In many cases, there are title defects or errors that can create questions regarding who has an ownership claim to specific property. A quiet title lawsuit can conclusively settle the matter and award the property to the rightful owner. In other cases, there may be two people living together who are both on the deed to the land and only one of them is on the loan. Sometimes the parties have made various verbal or written agreements about who should own or control the property. If the parties split up, there could be a dispute over who actually owns the land.

Attorney Handling Complex Quite Title Matters

Quiet title matters have the potential to become complicated and contentious matters. When you hire our firm, you can count on us to develop the best possible legal arguments to support your position. We will closely examine every aspect of your case, identify any errors in the chain of title and work to refute any other ownership claims.

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